Heterogeneity, complexity and growing volumes of neuroscience data, paired with the demand to re-use valuable empirical data, make it increasingly important to provide conceptual and infrastructural support for the data management tasks of neuroscientists. Supported by major neuroscience communities, including the Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft and the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience, NFDI Neuroscience will respond to the call of the DFG for consortia proposals to build a national infrastructure for research data (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, NFDI) in Germany.

NFDI Neuroscience focuses on the formation and empowerment of a community for competent research data management. It will assist neuroscientists in performing the digital transformation, efficiently managing their everyday data workflows in the laboratory and fulfilling current and future open data requirements for data handling, processing and storage according to the FAIR principles. This will facilitate multi-scale research in neuroscience and pave the way towards novel avenues for research, such as machine-aided data discovery applications or new forms of publications like executable papers. NFDI Neuroscience aims at addressing all aspects of the scientific data lifecycle at the practical level, developing bottom-up solutions and providing a common forum for users and infrastructure providers.

Many promising ideas and solutions related to aspects of research data management already exist in the community, yet often lack resources and communication channels to be made available for broader audiences. Likewise, many existing bottlenecks that emerge in individual labs could often be solved in more efficient ways through coordinated, synergistic efforts in the community. A core element in the process of building the NFDI Neuroscience community will be working groups, in which users and service providers join in developing solutions to identified needs.

We invite contributions to building the NFDI Neuroscience network and shaping the future of open and reproducible neuroscience towards a vibrant community with a state-of-the-art data management infrastructure for collaborative research. Individual scientists, research groups, institutions, organizations, service providers are invited to respond. Specifically, we ask for a) information about challenges or needs in research data management, b) information about existing tools and services, and c) proposals for topics of working groups you would like to get involved in.

We have prepared a questionnaire that we ask to use for your response (https://nfdi-neuro.de/NFDI-Neuro_Contribution.docx). Please consider the following list of guiding questions (whenever applicable):

  • Which benefits can be expected from the contribution?
  • Which areas of neuroscience is the contribution applicable to?
  • Which data sharing infrastructures is the contribution compatible with, or has been evaluated for?
  • Which stage of the research process is the contribution related to (data acquisition, data annotation, data curation, data processing, data publication, etc.)?
  • Which training measures exist or can be developed regarding the contribution to disseminate expertise via the NFDI Neuroscience network?
  • Which relevant links to national/international initiatives/groups exist regarding the contribution?
  • Which criteria regarding structure and governance of NFDI Neuroscience must be met regarding the contribution?
We are looking forward to your suggestions and expressions of interest for contributions to NFDI Neuroscience. Please send your responses to: info@nfdi-neuro.de


NFDI Neuroscience supports neuroscientists in efficiently managing their research data and ensure that research data becomes interoperable and re-usable, in line with international standards and initiatives.
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