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Task Areas

To account for our highly fragmented community, NFDI Neuroscience takes a researcher-oriented approach. Consequently, a major focus is data handling in the laboratory. In this context, adequate RDM requires specific approaches depending on data types and workflows, which exhibit substantial differences across neuroscience subdisciplines and laboratories. The consortium engages with this inherent heterogeneity by organizing its Task Areas (TA) along the lines of neuroscience subdisciplines.

The domains

Five domain task areas (TA) will focus on the data management needs of individual neuroscience subdomains but will form a tightly interconnected network where data, information and expertise are exchanged and utilized efficiently.

These subdomain task areas will be backed by the task areas common infrastructure (TA 1) and coordination (TA 7) to provide interaction and support for researchers within and across subdomains and disciplines.


Transfer teams

We envision to establish transfer teams in each task area, building a network of experts. They will act as contacts for users and providers to ensure communication and information flow within the consortium, researchers and infrastructure institutions.

The transfer teams will be in tight contact with the researchers and assist them to identify their specific needs and to find partners to jointly work on solutions.