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At the intersection of biology, medicine, physics, math and computer science, NFDI-Neuro is addressing the needs of the large German Neuroscience community and provides unique expertise for the management of – frequently sensitive – research data in computation and data intensive research.

  • NFDI Neuroscience is committed to organize and sustain cross-community research data management (RDM) in neuroscience.
  • The initiative brings together data collectors, data users and technology providers to develop processes for data management in research with specific emphasis on neuroscience.
  • The consortium works to build a community to develop the conceptual and practical basis of research data management for the neurosciences.

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Upcoming events

The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is a collaborative project, developed for the research community and with the research community.  VRE Community Meetings are organized for members of the research community to discuss their projects and use cases and for the development team to update on new features and development activities.  

Registration link for the biweekly Virtual Research Environment Community Meetings